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 European Working/Show Boxers, Family raised

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Welcome to our home, we are so glad you stopped for a visit. Boxers are such a amazing breed.

Mondlicht Boxers is a family owned and operated venture. We are dedicated to raising healthy happy pups in the comfort of our home to help bring you a loyal companion, a caring friend and a joyful addition to your home and family. We take the owning and breeding of our wonderful Boxers very seriously. We strive to produce healthy, intelligent, loving, happy, well socialized and family oriented Boxer puppies with impeccable temperaments, and conformation, that exemplify the boxer breed standard. You will not find a more devoted and affectionate companion and nonstop entertainment for your family than the Boxer. They thrive in family enviroments and are known for their great affection for children. It does not take long to notice the intelligence, individualism, unmistakable personality, and unforgettable affection each Boxer possesses.

Our Goal is to breed quality Boxers with quality bloodlines to produce quality puppies. We do our best to ensure the proper health of our dogs and puppies by sparing no expense. We are committed to providing our puppies with proper socialization in a clean, family enviroment where each and every puppy can thrive. We are committed to educating those who need our assistance about the Boxer breed, and all that goes along with owning a Boxer.

Karma 14 months old.











Quinto 8 months and Kronos 3 years old.








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